What’s Next for Tech?

What’s Next for Tech?

Stock markets have had some interesting moves over the last few quarters, and investors are looking for new indications that there are still opportunities available.  For the most part, blue chips have received most of the attention as benchmarks like the S&P 500 have risen to all-time highs.  But it now looks as though the tech space could be the market darling as we head into the middle parts of this year.

Price Trends in Tech Stocks

One of the best ways of assessing the trends in tech is to monitor? the one-year activity in the NASDAQ Composite Index.  Prices have held relatively stable during the period, but we did see a bottoming out in February that would indicate prices are likely to rise over the next few months.  

This is matched by activity that has been seen on the fundamental side, with sales of computer and mobile devices surpassing what has been seen in previous quarters.  Rising sales in both computers and printers allow consumers to better utilize sites like www.printerfriend.ly which offers sports fans ways to print NFL, NBA, and March Madness brackets along with similar features for other major sporting events.

PC and Printer Activity

Over the last few years, we have seen many examples of tech stock analysts that were suggesting we would see drastic increases in computer and printer sales.  The argument here rested on the fact that consumers are becoming more and more focused on their mobile devices.  But this has not turned out to be the case in all areas, so it is important for market analysts to revise some of their earlier assumptions.

Recent activity in the NASDAQ suggests potential buying opportunities in the tech space.  This is an area of the market that has not seen as much attention recently in the financial news media but this is often a set of circumstances that creates better chances for buying in at the lows.

It will be important to continue watching for changing trends in computer and printer sales, as this is often a good indication of the average consumer need for technology products.  Rising sales here also tend to filter into other tech categories, with areas like cyber security and e-commerce seeing many of the benefits.  It is often a good idea to look at peripheral areas when looking at stock choices because we often see a lack of buying activity here when investors are focused on other areas.



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